As this coronavirus (COVID-19) situation continues to develop, all of our lives will undoubtedly be affected. While we all work to keep people moving safely in buildings during this unprecedented event, it is important to us that we express our appreciation for the healthcare workers, local communities, and governments around the world who are on the frontline, striving to contain (or at least mitigate) this virus.

KONE Spares encourages everyone to take all precautions to stay safe and healthy during this time.

We will continue to evaluate measures that best support you and our teams as the situation develops. As always, our local teams remain available, and our warehouse remains open, engaged, and ready to support you.

Stay safe, keep your loved ones safe, and lets all work together to not only make it through these trying times, but to come out of it stronger, wiser, and more resilient to future perils.


Is it comb plate or combplate? It seems the industry can’t make up its mind on this term. You’ll find it listed both ways across the industry, and even listed both ways in the same document!

Regardless, the comb plate impact device is a very important safety feature of an escalator, and has been required per ASME A17.1 Safety Code since the early 1990’s. Detection of either vertical or horizontal movement in a comb plate is vital for the safety of the riding public.

KONE Spares has two different upgrades for this device, and a tool to make sure this feature is adjusted properly — no matter what brand or model escalator you’re working on.

For older Montgomery HR Series escalators which don’t have the comb plate impact safety feature, we have a kit to add it to the escalator: Comb Plate Impact Device Upgrade for Montgomery HR Series Escalators

For Montgomery HR Series escalators which do have the comb plate impact device feature, we have a reliability upgrade: Escalator Comb Plate Impact Device Spring Reliability Upgrade

And if you’re working on any escalator with a comb plate impact safety device feature, we have this tool to help you adjust it to proper spec: Escalator Comb Plate Impact Fixture Test Kit

We can’t stress enough the importance of a working, properly adjusted comb plate impact safety system on an escalator. The health and well-being of the riding public depends on it.

Toys for Tots, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Kings Harvest Events

From May to December 2019, the KONE Center (Moline, IL) has held monthly events to raise money for three local charities.  These events are successful thanks to the skills and dedication of KONE employees throughout the Moline, IL campus.  Many of our employees devote their own time creating these charitable events.

KONE Center employees raised $14,100.00 in cash and an additional $3000 value in goods donated and hours volunteered for a total of $17,100!  This year, KONE employees chose to support Toys for Tots, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and Kings Harvest Homeless shelter and pet rescue.

All of the goods and money raised stays here locally in our community to help provide care and joy to those who may not otherwise receive it. Through the organizations KONE employees have elected to support they will help children, adults and even our four-legged friends.

Toys for Tots – The Toys for Tots program collects new unwrapped toys and distributes these toys to less fortunate children at Christmas.

Big Brothers Big Sisters – Creates one-to-one mentoring relationships between adult volunteers and children.

Kings Harvest – Serves the homeless and poor in the Davenport, IA area. Kings Harvest also serves our four-legged friends by operating a no-kill shelter for homeless pets.

Spreading Christmas Cheer at the Local Senior Star at Elmore Place

The KONE Spares sales team spent Friday afternoon spreading Christmas Cheer at the local Senior Star at Elmore Place. We had a great time decorating Gingerbread houses and getting to know some of the residents and what they are looking forward to this holiday season. We followed up decorating houses by listening to Christmas songs that were sung by their live entertainment during Senior Star’s happy hour—a once of week treat that the residents very much look forward to on Friday nights!

It was a great opportunity for our team to participate in and we all left with the spirit of Christmas in our hearts!


Click the pictures below to see each person’s holiday newsletter for 2019.

Meghan Ludin
Sales Rep and Team Lead
Natalie Twigg
Senior Sales Rep
Angie Boynton
Sales Rep
Jessica Gross
Senior Sales Rep
Laura Hotle
Sales Rep
Kelly O’Neill
Sales Rep
Kelly Oberhardt
Sales Manager, Americas
Jerry Davis
Digital Marketing Manager
Holly Nomura
Sales Coordinator

ER-1225 and ER-825 Permanent Magnet Spline Brake Upgrades for Montgomery HR Series Escalators

All maintenance providers that service Montgomery HR Series escalators are encouraged to replace existing ER-1225 and ER-825 pin drive brakes with the recently developed spline brake replacements.

  • More Robust
  • More Reliable
  • Longer Lasting
  • Vibration Resistant 
  • Interchangeable in Form, Fit, and Function
  • Available With or Without Sensors

The permanent magnet spline brake is designed to gradually stop the escalator and hold it stationary under full load. This brake includes a closed-loop brake circuit within a solid state and/or microprocessor controller and is designed to meet current ASME – A17.1 Code deceleration rate requirements, and operates in conjunction with a velocity feedback encoder and/or tachometer.

The component parts of the spline and pin armatures are considered interchangeable in form, fit and function; therefore the existing tachometer and/or encoder and brake control system may be reused. The brake voltage must be adjusted per the installation instruction to achieve the proper armature setting.

Both the ER-1225 12″ Spline Brake and the ER-825 8″ Spline Brake are available with or without sensors.


Our very own Mario Jones and Jessica Gross recently had the pleasure of presenting at the October 3rd meeting of the Chicago Elevator Association (CEA) in Oak Brook, IL. The CEA was founded in 1911, and is the industry’s longest running elevator association.

As a participant of CEA, KONE Spares has the opportunity to network with Chicagoland service companies and other suppliers. The CEA’s monthly meetings provide the opportunity to hear informative industry news and listen to guest speakers from all over the industry.

At the October 3rd meeting Mario Jones gave a presentation on Life Cycle Management, and the KONE Spares process for supporting products even after components have become obsoleted. The highlight of the presentation was a discussion of Miprom 21 upgrades and the new Safety Upgrade solution that the LCM team has developed for KONE Spares, and how the KONE Spares sales team plans to support these initiatives. Mario was also able to assure the group that Miprom 21 will continue to be supported for some time.