Problems with PartsView?

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95% of all web page problems are caused by outdated information in a browser app’s cache.

Being that PartsView is a dynamic website powered by a database, it’s more like a program than it is a document. Occasionally when we make an update, the behind-the-scenes programming code gets changed. If your Internet browser app doesn’t pick up that change — because it’s got the old programming code stored locally on your machine in what is known as a “cache” — it can cause PartsView from not acting correctly.

The solution is simple. You need to clear your browser cache.

Clearing Your Browser’s Cache

Browsers store data about websites you’ve visited to make them load faster when you revisit them. 95% of all website problems are caused by a browser’s cache being filled with outdated website programming code.

We’re going to get into how to fix that below, but, make sure when you’re clearing the cache, to only clear the cache — you don’t have to also clear all your stored passwords, etc.

How you clear your browser cache depends on the browser you’re using. Here’s quick notes for the major four:

Google Chrome

Chrome makes it easy with a keyboard shortcut: in Windows, CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE will take you right to it. On a Mac it’s COMMAND+SHIFT+DELETE

Internet Explorer

Like Google Chrome, Microsoft Internet Explorer makes it easy with the keyboard shortcut: CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE


Thankfully Firefox also uses the easy keyboard shortcut: in Windows, CTRL+SHIFT+DELETE. On a Mac it’s COMMAND+SHIFT+DELETE

Here’s where you have to be a bit careful. Under details, untick everything except Cache (unless you want to clear all those other things). Then where it says Time Range, choose Everything.


In Safari it is super easy. One keyboard shortcut instantly wipes the cache out: OPTION+COMMAND+E

More Information

If you need more in depth information on how to do this, you can either read this excellent article:

Or you can go to YouTube and watch one of these videos:

KONE Spares Nominated for Ellies Award

We are excited to have been nominated for Elevator World’s second annual Ellies Award program in the category of “Best Supplier – Other,” and are honored to be among the ranks of such fine North American elevator and escalator industry businesses who go above and beyond for their customers, employees, communities and the industry as a whole.

Voting has begun, and if you feel so inclined, click or tap the link below, then look for KONE Spares under “Best Supplier – Other.“ You can vote more than once, but only once a day. [hint hint] 😉

Thank you for your support!

Bix Beiderbecke and the Bix 7

This weekend here in the Quad Cities, on the shores of the Mississippi River, we have a large multifaceted event celebrating local native Leon Bismark “Bix” Beiderbecke. Bix, a jazz cornetist, pianist, and composer, was one of the most influential jazz soloists of the 1920’s.

For the curious, here’s some of his music:

One of the major events celebrating Bix and his legacy is called the Bix 7, a seven-mile marathon that many of the KONE Spares team and family members have participated in over the years. Founded by John Hudetz from Bettendorf (one of the four “quad cities”), he was a marathon runner who wanted to bring some of the excitement from the Boston Marathon to us here on the banks of the Mississippi. It started in 1975 with a total of 84 runners, but now the number of participants run in the tens-of-thousands.

For anyone who likes to run marathons, or who love classic jazz music, this is the event for you. If you can’t make it this weekend, put it in your calendar for next year.


Every year claims are filed due to improperly barricaded escalators and walks.

People are getting hurt, some badly, and it’s usually out of a simple misconception that escalators can be turned off and used as a stationary stairway.

These incidents, injuries, and subsequent medical claims — and associated costs — can be prevented by simply barricading the ends of any unit you take out of service.

There are times when a customer will specifically request to take an escalator out of service and leave it unbarricaded to be used as stairs. We strongly recommend you take this opportunity to educate them on the dangers and liability involved, and also to let them know it is a code requirement that all units taken out of service must be barricaded. Escalators were not designed to be used as stationary stairways. Any property which turns off an escalator and leaves it unbarricaded for the public to use as a stairway is putting that public in danger.

We can’t stress this enough: Please make sure that you never leave a job site unless you’re sure all out of service units are properly and safely barricaded.

Is it time to clean down that escalator?

Yes. It’s time to start scheduling escalator cleandowns.

Escalators, moving walks, and their components should be cleaned periodically to prevent accumulations of dirt, grit, lubricants, and all the candy wrappers, lollipop sticks, bottle caps, and other weird stuff that somehow makes its way into the inner workings of the machine.

Sure, it’s a dirty job, but you know what they say: Someone’s got to do it. The good news is we do what we can to make it quicker and easier.

First of all, remember the barricade. Keep yourself and the public safe. If your current ones are falling apart, which they oft seem to do, give ours a try. They’re going to be some of the best built, sturdiest, and long lasting barricades you can get:

· KONE Spares Maintenance Barrier »

Cleaners, wax, pit pads, rags … we have you covered. These are the basics you can’t do without:

· US63043 Concentrated Cleaner, Case (4 gal) »
· USP23307 Handrail Cleaner, “Q”, Case (12 qt) »
· USP23277 Handrail Wax, Case (12 qt) »
· US514660 Pit Pads to absorb oil, Qty 100 »
· US500000010 Rags, 10lb Bag »

You know what else comes in handy? An Escalator Cleandown Vacuum:

· KM50030715H01 Portable Handheld Vacuum »

How about a specially designed oiler to make lubrication fast and easy? We have you covered there, too:

· US521157 OIL-EE Chain Oiler »

We’ve had great feedback from the field on the OIL-EE. It allows oiling of step chains from outside the escalator pit – saving time and messy clean-up. Features include:

· Heavy duty 2 gallon polyethylene sprayer
· 45″ long heavy duty brass wand with replaceable oil brush
· Heavy duty trigger handle with lock
· Oil flow regulator valve
· 56″ heavy duty fuel line hose
· Retractable, sealed PVC brush cover with cap to limit oil dripping after use

Remember, scheduled escalator clean downs will, in the long run, save time and money, and also give an opportunity to discover problems that can be addressed before they become safety issues — or an even bigger problem.