We like and trust the entire Formula Systems Elevator Door Edge product line so much that we recommend them to everybody, and we always keep them in stock, at sharp industry pricing, so we have them when you need them, and cost is not a barrier.

The base model Formula Safescreen product is a quick, easy fit and is guaranteed to work without any adjustments.

  • Works with any brand or model of elevator or door operator.
  • Comes with a 10-year warranty.
  • Watertight.
  • Sunlight resistant.

In fact, it’s the most sunlight-resis

Featuring 47 diagonal infra-red (IR) beams in a 30mm wide x 20mm long aluminium housing, Formula Systems’ SafeScreen product has been designed for the North American market.

The product is backward compatible with any Formula Systems power supply, enabling companies to upgrade old technology, and can be wired directly into suitable door controllers or the FS universal interface.

We also have an ample supply of the more advanced Formula Systems Vision models, including the Vision and Vision Plus. You’ll be amazed at our pricing and not disappointed by our stock levels.

The new Vision Plus elevator door safety solution combines 2D and 3D technology in each edge to deliver highly intelligent door safety technology.

Each edge transmits and receives signals individually, making detection ability much more concise. Detecting signals more accurately will significantly decrease the risk of non-detection when passengers approach from different angles, and provides greater reliability when detecting multiple people within the landing area.

The protection zone, specifically designed for minimal protrusion into the landing, also assists in eliminating nuisance door reversal.

The Vision Plus total package comprises a 2D/3D receiver, transmitter, and universal interface power supply, which is standard with universal mounting options. The simplicity of combined technology with fewer parts can significantly impact the ease of installation and overall cost.


  • ASME A17.1/CSA B44-19 compliant
  • Combined 2D & 3D technologies in each edge reduces false 3D triggers
  • Universal mounting for center or side door openings
  • Complete door mounted solution – no additional detection units
  • Not limited by door width
  • Intuitive technology significantly improves detection
  • Reduces risk of accidents caused by no/mis-detections

Vision incorporates Formula Systems’ 3D patented, off-set beam technology with an innovative spotlight feature that utilizes high-contrast, low-level light sources to draw passenger attention to the floor sill zone, highlighting potential trip hazards.

Each product in the Vision Series is available in a range of profile sizes and feature options offering a complete solution for both new equipment and modernization applications.

For more information, please call us — we’re happy to help you find the right model for your project.