Sprocket Evaluation Tool Kit

KONE Spares has a simple but important tool kit for determining wear on a step chain sprocket, an important step to complete before you install a new chain.

This set of tools, made specifically for Montgomery HR Series escalators, provides a way to measure the amount of wear on the sprocket teeth. This is important because excessive wear on these teeth can shorten the lifespan of new escalator chain.

Over time, normal wear on a bull gear’s sprocket causes the teeth to form into the shape of a hook. If gone unchecked, this hook effect will begin catching on the chain as it moves across the sprocket. As the chain and sprocket wear together, the chain’s pitch will slowly change over time to match what’s happening to the sprocket.

If you install a new chain onto a sprocket with too much of this wear, the new chain’s pitch will not match, and this in turn causes substantial secondary wear of the sprocket teeth, and premature wear of the new chain.

That’s why it’s important to measure it — and here’s the set of tools to do it! This is the KONE Spares Sprocket Evaluation Tool Kit.

It comes with instructions which provide a comprehensive review of the delivery condition and required care of escalator step chains. It also describes factors that affect step chain lifetime, and how to determine the severity of wear on the sprocket.

Armed with this information, you can better determine if you can simply install new chain, or if it would be best to replace the chain sprocket as well.

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