KONE Spares Diagnostic Tool

The updated KONE Spares Diagnostic Tool comes preloaded with enhanced features, functionality, and technology. The new tool is downward compatible and directly replaces the previous model Service Tool.


  • Full functioning laptop
  • NEW – Application Updates sent direct to your device via email.
  • NEW – Extreme DIAGNOSTIC TOOLS & ADJUSTMENT GUIDES are preloaded making the device functionality intuitive and EASY to use. This includes:
  • Operation and logic flow charts.
  • Error code list with descriptions.
  • Extensive troubleshooting – Help charts.
  • I/O Terminal map descriptions.
  • Parameter adjustment variables and drive diagnostics guide.
  • Diagnostic guides displayed on screen, side-by-side with the tool commands.
  • Spare parts lists included.
  • SAME – ON-SCREEN DESIGN – The new device displays the familiar service tool keyboard layout, making learning intuitive and EASY.
  • NEW – EASY built-in SEARCH AND SOLUTION functionality.
  • NEW – SESSION LOG records keystrokes for change and adjustment management.
  • NEW – NO EXPIRATION DATE, TIME OUT OR RECALIBRATION for your tool. It works with any M21 control anywhere – EASY!
  • NEW – INTEGRATED CAMERA and SPARES ICON makes parts identification and ordering EASIER THAN EVER.
  • NEW – E-DIRECT CONNECTIVITY TO KONE SPARES PARTSVIEW – the Industry’s leading parts search engine.
  • NEW – WI-FI CONNECTIVITY to KONE Spares website makes technical information and direct parts ordering tool just a touch away.

To find out more about how this dynamic tool can save your business time and money, request a copy of the brochure today:

Please Note: CLEARING OR RESETTING OF FAULT CODES BY UNTRAINED, UNAUTHORIZED PERSONNEL MAY RESULT IN UNSAFE OPERATING CONDITIONS THAT MAY CAUSE SERIOUS PERSONAL INJURY OR DEATH. In the event the fault codes are cleared, the service history will no longer be available. This means that the fault codes for the equipment may not be identifiable by service technicians. Manufacturer and seller of this service tool shall not be liable for any losses caused by actions taken by others, including the owner, using the diagnostic tool for the equipment, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO CONSEQUENTIAL, INDIRECT, PUNITIVE, EXEMPLARY, LOST PROFITS, EXPECTANCY, REPUTATIONAL OR OTHERWISE SPECIAL DAMAGES, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER NOTIFIED OF THE POTENTIAL FOR THE SAME.