KONE E5000 Escalator Gearbox Hoist Assembly

Make KONE E5000 gearbox repairs and maintenance easier and safer with our specially designed Gearbox Hoist Assembly.

The base mounts temporarily to the truss with secure L-bolts, either to the center, right, or left side to accommodate worksite requirements.

The boom arm mounts easily to the top of the vertical support and rotates from side to side as needed.

The lifting point is on a trolly, allowing the load to slide back and forth for easy positioning and load movement.

Simply attach a hoist to the trolly, and lift the gearbox up and out of the pit, swinging it to the side and placing it where you need it. Installing a gearbox back into the pit is just as simple.

The hoist dismantles for easy portability and storage.

KONE E5000 Gearbox Hoist Assembly (US520722)