QKS 16 and IDD Linear Series Operator Upgrades

This GAL Conversion Kit MOVFE-HL replaces existing SEC QKS16 Linear and IDD Operators

QKS 16 and IDD Linear Series Operator Upgrades

Pre-engineered GAL conversion bolt-on kits for the QKS 16 and IDD Linear Series operators do all the hard work for you.

A new method for upgrading the QKS16 and IDD Linear Series Operators to the industry-proven MOVFE-HL Linear operator is now available.

This kit provides an easy and cost-effective way to replace outdated equipment with updated components, assemblies, and detailed instructions — without the need to purchase separate parts from GAL and modify them.

This allows the customer to order a single part number and receive everything needed for the installation process from start to finish.

Standard Features

  • These new kits are proven technology, built on a universal standard, non-proprietary platform (MOVFE-HL)
  • CSA/UL Certified where applicable
  • Used on the QKS16 Linear and IDD Operator series
  • (QKS16, QKS16VF and IDD) found on HX, 321A, 330A, and 400A controllers
  • Specify the operator and voltage only – No surveys!
  • Wiring Diagrams included
  • Kits Stocked in house at KONE Spares with a quick turn around for emergencies
  • The kits each contain an easily learned tool and software
  • Allows for the retention of the existing header, tracks and hangers, clutch and interlocks
  • Smoother and quieter operation

Upgrade Conversion Kits

  • KM51772234R01 (KIT01-5001N) – QKS16VF to MOVFE-HL KIT – 230 Volts
  • KM51772234R02 (KIT01-5002N) – QKS16 to MOVFE-HL KIT – 115 Volts

More Details?

For more information and details about the contents of each kit, request a PDF below: