KONE Spares Lift Aide

The Ultimate Escalator Controller Lifting Device

KONE Spares now offers a device to assist field personnel with the difficult task of removing heavy escalator controllers and components. Our new ”Lift-Aide” is certified with a lift capacity of 200 pounds, providing an easier means of removing heavy controllers for escalator servicing.

How does it work? Support bracket permanently attaches to upper end of escalator. Lift-Aide easily slides into the support bracket, providing a safe and easy means for removal of a controller or components up to 200 pounds.

  • Folds compactly for transport, with strap and handle
  • 200 pounds certified lift capacity
  • Brackets/hardware may be left in place, making future servicing simpler
  • Order extra brackets/hardware and use one lifter on several units

Lift-Aide Tool, Kit, Complete (Includes Winch, Support Bracket Kit & (1) Sling)
PN: KM50305098R01

Additional Components Available: