Cast Step Replacement Program

cast aluminum escalator steps

Montgomery HR escalators manufactured prior to 1993 contain fabricated steps with flange mounted rollers. These steps are no longer manufactured and have been classified as obsolete. Due to age, these steps may be nearing the end of their service life and may also develop Type B cracks, which will require the steps to be replaced.

In a Complete Escalator Step Replacement, all steps in the step band are replaced with an upgraded full cast aluminum step. These new steps will also include demarcation strips which help identify the edge of a step and increase safety.

Key Benefits

Eliminates Risk of Type B Cracks

Steps that develop a Type B crack must be replaced immediately. These fully cast aluminum drop-in steps eliminate the risk of Type B cracks.

Increased Safety

The new steps include demarcation strips to help identify the edge of a step, warning passengers of possible entrapment points.

Code Compliance

Upgraded steps are compliant with the most recent version of the Safety Code.

Labor Savings

  • Drop-in steps eliminate replacing treads and risers
  • Drop-in steps are lighter in weight and easier to install and service

Enhanced Aesthetics

  • A new-looking escalator with minimal downtime
  • Multiple color options for steps and inserts

More Key Benefits

  • Reduces spare part needs over life span of unit
  • Steps are in stock for fast delivery