Featured MAC Products

KONE Spares is proud to offer quality MAC products for your service needs, ready for immediate shipment. Many of our replacement parts offer advanced technology for increased reliability, reduced power consumption, and easier installation over the original items.

PC Board: MAC Door Operator 105D LCD

Part Number: KM50022228
(Replaces USP31872003)

PC Board: MAC Control Board 104, Service

Part Number:  USP24783004
(Replaces USP24172 and USP24561)

MAC Door Operators

Part Number:  USP35011001
(Replaces USP22266001)

MAC Closed Loop Door Operators

Part Number:  USP31947001

Hanger Rollers

Part Number:  USP31344
Sheave, 3.25″, Polyurethane

Magnetic Switches

Part Number:  USP16577
Level unit, low power, 45vdc

Map Split Link, Door Operator

Part Number:  USP4411

MAC Restrictive Clutch

Right Hand Part Number:  USP22227-001
Left Hand Part Number:  USP22227-002

MAC Interlock Assemblies

Part Number:  USP13002001

MAC Push Rod

Part Number:  US101204
Total rod length 44″