Escalator TM110 Brake Torque Tool

The Brake Torque Tool is required for accurate inspection and maintenance of TM110 escalator brake.

The TM110 escalator product utilizing the Warner Electric Brake requires a specific tool to verify the Static Break-Away Torque during inspections & maintenance.

The mounting of the encoder on the end of the drive motor shaft requires this specific tool to transfer torque to the brake armature without disassembly of the encoder.

This tool allows the use of a standard torque wrench to evaluate the serviceability of the step band brake.  If the torque wrench is oriented 90 degrees to the adapter, no formula or calculations are required.

Part Number KM51056529R01 – Torque Adapter

(Note:  Standard torque wrench and socket not included.)


  • Correctly measure Statue Break-Away Torque
  • Use Instructions included
  • No disassembly of encoder required
  • Allows use of standard torque wrench
  • No formulas or calculations required when using this inspection / maintenance tool