Maintenance Barrier

elevator-escalator maintenance barrier

You know the zombies we’re talking about. The kind who wander into your work area while staring at their smartphones.

Key Benefits

  • Six (6) Sections with overall width of 180” to secure a complete work area
  • Metal Tube Barricade (not cardboard or polypropylene)
  • Fabric Panels in Safety Yellow
  • Yellow Powder Coat Finish with non-marking rubber feet
  • Portable, lightweight, durable, folds compactly
  • Meets 42” Height Requirement
  • Each section can be locked in place at any angle (most barricades have no locking or only 90°)
  • Optional: Two (2) Locking Suction Cups on Swinging Arms to ensure a secure and lasting hold to almost any surface
  • Optional: EZ Grip Clamp Kits fit around the handrail and include adjustable cables that can extend up to 3’, or that can be secured to the arms for use instead of suction cups

Excerpts from Elevator Employees’ Safety Handbook:

(a)  Barricades shall be positioned to completely surround the escalator/moving walk from public access.

(b)  Barricades shall be positioned to surround, from public access, floor opening created when equipment access plate(s) removed.

(c)  Barricades shall be a minimum  of 42” (1067 mm) high.

(d)  Barricades shall be securely attached to the balustrades, handrails and/or floor.

(e)  All sections shall be connected.

(f)   A system shall be in place to keep the barricade rigid.

(g)  Attach (barricade) securely to escalator balustrade with adjustable EZ Grip attachment

Elevator Employees’ Safety Handbook: Section 4.3 Escalator /Moving Walk Barricades

KONE Spares Maintenance Barrier Part Numbers:

Note: locking suction cups and swinging arms are optional, and must be ordered separately