Escalator Parts

Engineered Escalator Solutions

An ensemble fo safety and aesthetic upgrades to enhance and assist with code compliance on vintage escalators. More safety, less downtime, and increased rider comfort.

Montgomery HR Gearbox Repair Kit

KONE Spares offers a complete rebuild kit for the 60A (round top) gearboxes for Montgomery HR Escalators. Everything you need to repair 60A Montgomery HR escalator gearboxes.

Montgomery HR Safety Upgrade Package

This new safety upgrade package includes everything needed to update Montgomery HR Escalators to current ASME 17.1-2016 code, starting with a NEW MICROPROCESSOR CONTROLLER.

KONE Spares Bright Brush

The KONE Spares Bright Brush combines an industry leading safety brush with attractive LED track lighting to create something that is both beautiful AND safe

Slimline Power Stop

By placing the Slimline Power Stop station at the top of the escalator handrail newel, it provides passengers with easier access and greater visibility to an essential safety feature. Available as newel-mounted or stand-alone pedestal.

Ultraviolet Handrail Sterilization System

This internally installed UV sterilization module will continuously zap those nasty little bugs to help keep them from multiplying and spreading.

Spline Brake Upgrades for HR Escalators

Upgrading the old pin brakes to these permanent magnet spline brakes can help make your old Montgomery HR Escalator smoother, safer, and reduce maintenance.

Escalator Voice Announcement System

Automated systems that continuously narrate a rider’s path up and down the escalator, delivering safety messages, area information, or even entertainment.

Cast Step Replacement Program

Make your escalator look like new by replacing old steel bodied steps with our easy-to-install drop in cast aluminum step.

E5000 Escalator Repair Parts Packaging

Like for Like Component Replacement for E5000 Escalators. KONE Spares will work with you to provide repair parts packages for existing E5000 escalators.

Genuine Top Quality OEM Escalator Chain

Anyone who tells you that after-market escalator chain is equal to OEM chain does not know the facts. We make sure you have the right chain for the right job — there is no “one size fits all” escalator chain. Using other than OEM chain can put your riders at risk and you in a position of exposure not just now, but for years to come.

Escalator Handrail Replacements

We understand the word “urgent” when it comes to escalator handrail replacement material. Trust your order to us.


Phase protection helps prevent elevator motor burnout during low-voltage situations & accurate selection of motor current to increase component life. Now also available for Escalator applications — call for details.

Avert Escalator Skirt Brushes

Avoid clothing or limb entrapments on the side of escalator steps. The Avert step skirt brush meets all global escalator safety code requirements.

KONE Green LED Escalator Step Demarcation Lights

These CSA-Certified green LED demarcation lights are easy to install with a direct replacement mounting bracket (included) for Montgomery/KONE HR, E5000, and ECO3000 escalators, and are readily adaptable to other manufacturer’s escalator units.

Escalator Handrail Static Discharge Rollers

Older escalators lacking a static discharge system for the handrails can give the riding public an unpleasantly shocking experience. Eliminate that situation by adding these rollers, which safely ground the handrails and drain away that static charge.