KONE Spares Escalator Handrail Sterilizer

Handrail Sterilizer for Escalators and Power Walks

Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms can potentially lurk on frequently touched surfaces such as an escalatorʼs handrail. Concerns about unsanitary handrails may lead passengers to ride “hands-free” – putting them at risk for tripping or a fall hazard in your building.

  • Handrails are considered by many to be dirty and unsanitary, which are primary reasons why people do not hold on to the handrail – unsafe!
  • UV-C wavelengths effectively eliminate harmful bacteria on handrail surfaces
  • This compact sterilizer module is mounted internally to eliminate the risk of passenger pinch-points
  • Built-in side reflectors provide full coverage of the handrail, including the sides
  • The escalator handrail passes through the modules as it runs, providing consistent exposure to UV-C sterilization
  • Complete instructions included
  • Prewired for ease of installation
  • Kit includes power supply, relays, power cords, module w/enclosure and accessories
  • All bracketing needed included for most truss types

A Universal Solution

Our Handrail Sterilizer is an easy upgrade for new installations and for retrofitting existing escalators and power walks, regardless of equipment manufacturer. Make an investment in your building with this safety enhancement for healthcare facilities, hotels, arenas, convention centers, airports, and other indoor applications.

Demonstrate your commitment to passenger safety with sterilized handrails that encourage “hands-on” ridership. Contact your KONE Spares representative to learn more about this innovative handrail sterilization solution.