Tools and Safety Equipment

Antec Test Plate: The Max Load Determinator

Now available! The Antec test plate is the fastest, simplest way to determine and document that a lifting point can reliably hoist a specific capacity. Now you can easily test to make sure you can safely lift your load. Test it, don’t guess it!

Sprocket Evaluation Tool Kit

This tool, made specifically for Montgomery HR Series escalators, provides a way to measure the amount of wear on sprocket teeth. This is important because excessive wear on these teeth can shorten the lifespan of new escalator chain.

Ultra High-Quality Maintenance Barrier

This is a tough, solid maintenance barrier that will last a long, long time, standing firmly between the public and your work area, with locking, heavy-duty suction cups on swinging arms to ensure a secure and lasting hold at both ends, giving you plenty of room to work.

Escalator Comb Plate Impact Fixture Test Kit

The adjustment of the combplate impact switches on all escalators is important in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. This tool has been designed to make the adjustment and calibration process easier, and accurate.

KONE E5000 Gearbox Hoist Assembly

Make KONE E5000 gearbox repairs and maintenance easier and safer with our specially designed Gearbox Hoist Assembly.

KONE Spares Lift Aide

The ultimate escalator controller lifting device certified with a lift capacity of 200 pounds, it’ll lift that bad boy right out of there! Let our Lift Aide do the backbreaking work so that you don’t break your back doing it.

KONE Spares Diagnostic Tool

Comes preloaded with enhanced features, functionality, and technology. This new tool is downward compatible and directly replaces the previous model Service Tool.

Door Pressure Gauge

Pocket-sized and easy to use, can measure from zero to 35 Lbs (0 to 15.9 kg). Can also be used as a belt tension tester.

Flat Cable Splitter Tool

Here’s a tool specially designed for safely splitting flat cables.

Escalator Step Chain Hydraulic Assembly Kit

Reduce field costs by simplifying the repair teams’ process for installing step/pallet chains by using the most proven efficient method.

Pressure Gage Kit for Hydraulic System Tests

Accurate pressure readings are important on hydraulic systems. This kit helps you get those readings.

Elevator Guide Rail Oil Collector

Tired of those messy pools of oil down at the base of the guide rails? Well, here’s your solution. This removable cup fits many different size rails, collecting the oil so you can easily dispose of it later.

Reeving Splices for Re-Roping Elevators

Elevator rope reeving splices simplify the marrying of elevator wire hoist ropes. Do it in seconds, without tools.

Escalator TM110 Brake Torque Tool

This Brake Torque Tool is required for accurate inspection and maintenance of TM110 escalator brake.

Warner Brake Tool Kit for Escalators

This brake adjustment tool kit is available for both 8-inch and 12-inch Warner Permanent Magnetic Brakes as included in Montgomery HR and E-5000 escalator units and for Montgomery W Series Power Walks. Makes installation, maintenance, and inspections faster and easier.

Escalator Chain Oiling Device

This device will allow a single mechanic to oil escalator and autowalk step chains while standing outside the unit, without physically entering the pit.

Convenience Kits

Frequently-used parts are packaged, labeled and on hand when you need them. Chose our engineering solution or build your own kits for fuses, relays, electrical, drill bits, etc. It’s then easy to reorder parts when needed.

Escalator Clean Down Supplies

Prepare for the large task of cleaning down escalators by making Spares your one-stop shop for needed supplies, including cleaners, wax, pit pads, and rags … and more!