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We are your OEM source for KONE, Montgomery, and MAC elevator parts. Including buttons…

Featured Parts

Montgomery Miprom 21 Drive Conversions

The KONE Spares drive conversion is a CSA Certified package that replaces the obsoleted drives originally shipped with Miprom 21 Controllers.

KSS Vandal Resistant Buttons

Tired of replacing buttons after some anonymous vandal has either picked off the front or bashed it into something unrecognizable? We introduce to you, by popular demand, the KSS Vandal Resistant Button Kit for KONE Elevators.

KONE Spares Digital Position Indicator Upgrade

Now you can upgrade the obsolete Montgomery Vacuum Fluorescent Position Indicator with this new completely plug-and-play upgrade.

KONE V3F16L Elevator Drive Replacement

Our KDL16L is a direct, physical replacement for the obsolete V3F16L elevator drive. Reliable, powerful, and robust, this complete replacement kit comes with all necessary components and instructions to make change-outs hassle free.

Formula Vision Safescreens

The best value combining high quality, safety, and a 10 year warranty, these feature SafeZone 3D. Unlike other competitor’s products, the SafeZone provides additional door protection just where you need it in front of the landing doors.

MAC Door Equipment

MAC door products were made by Montgomery, and KONE bought Montgomery. So if you’re looking for OEM parts for Mac door equipment, you’re in the right place! Yes, you can still get parts here.

Siemens Starter Logic Board

JB Siemens starter failures most often occur in power supply circuit. Save repair time and money by replacing just the Starter Logic Board.

Advanced Elevator-Rated Soft-Starters

Phase protection helps prevent elevator motor burnout during low-voltage situations & accurate selection of motor current to increase component life.

Now also available for Escalator applications — call for details.

Vector Hall Station Replacements

KONE Spares offers replacements for obsolete Vector hall pushbutton stations. If obsolete Vector components are an issue, we offer replacement pushbutton stations in Stainless Steel or Muntz, one or two buttons.

Elevator Landing Door Safety Retainers

Small, simple, and so very important for safety, elevator landing door safety retainers prevent doors from collapsing inward when struck from the outside.

Victaulic Couplings

KONE Spares carries many types of Victaulic couplings and packing used in various elevator installations.