Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms unfortunately hang out in the places we touch the most, such as elevator buttons and escalator handrails. That’s why we offer solutions to help you keep your riding public safe, with NanoSeptic Button Covers and the KONE Spares Handrail Sanitizer. Both are designed to supplement your existing efforts in ridding surfaces of these invisible, unwelcome intruders.

KONE Spares USA is your Field Friendly source of genuine OEM elevator and escalator parts for KONE, Montgomery, O&K, Armor, and MAC.

YOU are still on the job, so WE are still on the job. If you need us, contact usWe’re here to help.

Most of the staff of KONE Spares are working from home, but the warehouse staff is working on-site using distancing measures and extra precautions to continue to ship out parts for crucial repairs. WE ARE WITH YOU.

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KONE Spares is proud to be a two-time back-to-back winner of Elevator World’s Ellies Award.