MAC Door Equipment

It surprises some people that KONE Spares is the place to get actual OEM parts for old MAC equipment. MAC was part of Montgomery, and Montgomery was merged into KONE. So KONE Spares is, in fact, also MAC.

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Upgrade MAC Door Operators to Closed Loop

We have an exclusive upgrade kit to convert existing MAC Door Operators to closed loop operation. This product can be applied to Type M, PMSSC, and HPMSSC MAC operators to provide performance enhancements. Upgrade Kit installation is estimated at 4 to 6 hours.

This Upgrade is especially beneficial when:

  • Heavy doors at lobby or other floors cause the MAC operator to perform slowly.
  • Debris in door sills regularly causes the operator to stall out and not make-up interlocks.
  • Shaft wind causes problems with doors making-up.
  • Consistent, repeatable door operation is required in varying environmental site conditions

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