Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you ask for a “job number” and where can I find it?

Suppling us with the job number of an elevator helps us help you get the part you actually need.

Why do you need to know so much about the elevator in order to send me a simple button?

There is way more to elevator buttons than you’d think. This video tells you why.

Can I get a catalog?

KONE Spares has the most current and comprehensive interactive online catalog in the industry at

How is KONE Spares affiliated with KONE Inc.?

KONE Spares is fully owned by KONE Inc. and is a part of KONE’s Service Business Center.

What is different about KONE Spares in relation to KONE?

KONE Spares is the North American Distribution Center for spare parts to the elevator and escalator industry. All parts issues, (buying and selling) are funneled through the KONE Spares operation.

What can I get from KONE Spares?

You name it! New, OEM Montgomery, MAC, O&K, Armor, and KONE parts are all stocked. In addition, full controllers, door operator packages, soft-starters, escalator steps, chains, printed circuit boards and so much more.

View the KONE Spares line card

How soon can KONE Spares deliver my parts?

Immediately, in the vast majority of cases. Spares stocks over 17 million dollarsworth of inventory and has a team of 15 buyers monitoring stock levels and reacting to the customers needs. KONE Spares can ship all the way up to 6:30 pm and is available on weekends for emergency service. Call (309) 314-2124 for after hours and emergency service program.

How do you support your products?

KONE Spares sales staff has over 100 years of combined experience. The knowledge base is unmatched in the industry. In addition, a full time Life-Cycle Manager is on staff to assist in the processing of new applications in relation to obsolescence. The technical resource section on this website provides a large amount of information and help that makes maintaining and repairing your elevators and escalators a much more efficient process.

For additional help and support, or product specific catalogs, email