Our very own Jessica Gross attended CEA’s annual golf outing & dinner on August 6th at Gleneagles Country Club benefitting the Elevator Escalator Safety Foundation (EESF).

KONE Spares was a hole sponsor, gave away koozies to keep their drinks cold to all participants and then hosted a challenge on the 9th hole for a prize.

The challenge was marshmallow putting, the basis of the game was to spin 3 times around your club and then putt the marshmallow, whoever got closest to the pin won a KONE Spares golf towel.

The event brought in close to 100 golfers this year and helped raise $4000 for the EESF! It was a great time seeing our industry friends face to face again!

Don’t Take A Child Wearing a Leash or Harness onto an Elevator or Escalator

When properly maintained, and used as intended, elevators and escalators are some of the safest methods of transportation in existence. But if you use a type of harness or leash on a small child, do not take your child on an elevator or escalator.

Anything dangling like a leash — as well as untied shoelaces, long coat straps, etc. — can be caught in moving equipment with disastrous consequences. This goes not only for escalators but elevators as well, as a child (or pet) on a leash could dart in or out of the cab as the doors close, the doors can catch the leash, and the elevator cab goes into motion … again with disastrous consequences.

The best way to protect children around moving equipment is to hold their hand and guide them safely. If using a baby cart or stroller, always use an elevator — never take them on an escalator. And always, always, always keep an eye on them. Do not let them play or linger around elevators, escalators, or even stairs.

Please help spread this important message.

Escalator & Autowalk Safety Tips

  • Instruct passengers to ride safely.
  • Hold the handrail.
  • Ride the escalator facing the appropriate direction of travel.
  • Do not lean over the handrail.
  • Keep feet away from the escalator’s sides.
  • Step over the combplates at the top and bottom of the escalator.
  • Children in strollers should never be transported on the escalator.
  • Physically challenged passengers should never use the escalator.
  • Do not transport freight on the escalator.
  • Attend and hold children’s hands when riding escalator.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult and never left alone in the vicinity of an escalator.
  • Do not allow anyone, especially children to play on or around the escalator.
  • Do not jump on escalator.
  • Keep hands away from handrail inlets and step.

Elevator Safety Tips

  • Enter and exit the elevator promptly.
  • Watch your step when entering or exiting the elevator.
  • Children should always be accompanied by an adult when using the elevator.
  • Do not allow children to play on or around an elevator.
  • Children should be accompanied by an adult and never left alone in the vicinity of an elevator.
  • No unauthorized person should enter the elevator hoistway.
  • Elevators must not be used in the event of a fire or other emergency situations.
  • Do not transport any long objects by opening the car top emergency exit.
  • Do not jump in the car while the elevator is running.
  • Do not prevent the operation of the infrared door detection-cells with objects.
  • Never wedge an object or any part of the body in the path of a closing elevator door.
  • Comply with the stated number of persons/weight for the elevator.
  • When cleaning corridors or car interior, avoid sweeping water into the shaft.
  • Use the ‘stop’ and ‘alarm’ buttons only when required.
  • When calling the elevator, press only the button indicating the direction you wish to travel.

KONE Spares Missing Step Detector Upgrade

Are you tired of false stops and replacing worn out missing step detection sensors? If your answer is yes, then check this out:

KONE Spares Missing Step Detector with Proximity Sensors

These proximity sensors don’t make any contact with the escalator – at all.

No contact = NO WEAR AND TEAR
No wear and tear means fewer replacements.

This is the KONE Spares Missing Step Detector Upgrade.

  • Can be used as an upgrade for Montgomery escalators that were shipped with the old roller-type missing step detector device
  • Fits most escalators, not just the Montgomery HRs
  • Improved reliability

This featured product is on special. Contact us for the details!

Farewell Laura

While we are sad to see our friend Laura Hotle leaving KONE Spares, we’re happy for her new opportunity in a new industry, and excited for the next chapter in her career.

As of today, Laura’s customers can contact team members Jessica Gross and Angie Boynton.

As Laura says, “I’m leaving you in capable hands!”

Please join us in wishing Laura the best of luck in all her future endeavors.


We are experiencing significant delays in shipments that have gone out via FedEx.

FedEx’s main hub in Memphis is still suffering from being hit by a massive ice storm that caused it to be shut down for three entire days. Despite it being shut down, packages from all over the USA were still being picked up and sent there. At this time, 64 package-filled tractor trailers have yet to be processed, on top of the constant stream of more which are arriving.

Current estimates project that this massive backlog won’t be processed until March 1st or 2nd, though this estimate may change.

At this time, only vaccines and major medical shipments (things like human organ transplants) are being given priority.

KONE Spares has taken steps to help alleviate this problem. At this point, shipping FedEx ground is getting orders to customers faster than shipping FedEx overnight, as “overnight” orders are taking 3-4 days to arrive, and FedEx Ground orders do not have to pass through this major Memphis hub. While FedEx is doing the best they can with recovery efforts, we recommend this shipping method from now through next week.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, tracking and tracing requests, or to get set up for shipment notifications.

Thank you so much for your understanding during this difficult time.


Expect longer service life with the KONE Spares SD Escalator chains.

  • Designed and field tested to assure the best performance in demanding applications
  • Manufactured in the USA with high quality steels, and superior heat treatment to proved extended service life
  • Precision Machined Chain Components to ensure 100% step alignment and precise overall chain length
  • Backed by an extended 2-Year Warranty