Preparing Your Elevator for a Hurricane

It’s hurricane season again, so we’re keeping this checklist up at the top of our blog. Let’s all make sure to stay safe, and if you need us, we’re here for you.

So, on to the hurricane preparedness list…


  • Check all sump pumps, float switches and alarms in elevator pits.
  • Close up all vents and openings in top of hoistway and machine room to prevent water from entering.
  • If elevators open to the outside, place sandbags along the bottom of hoistway doors. Since this makes the elevator unusable, do this just before shutting down the elevator.


  • Run elevators to the top floor of hoistway and pull the main breaker in the elevator machine room (not in the building’s main breaker room).
  • Park elevators with doors closed.
  • Do not operate elevators during the hurricane.


  • Inspect the elevator pit, cab and machine room for any water. Do not energize main line breaker if water is found.
  • If water is found, call your elevator service provider immediately!
  • Do not attempt to start elevator if power is out – call your electric company

Even with the proper preparations, hurricanes often cause power outages and surges that can stop elevators between floors and entrap passengers, and worse, knock out the emergency communication system. Be aware that people may be trapped in elevators with no way to call for help. We can’t state this strongly enough: never try to exit, or attempt to help others exit, a stalled elevator without trained professional rescue workers on hand.


It was wonderful seeing all our old and new friends in Grand Rapids last week. For those of you who couldn’t make it, here is a recap of events and the excellent products showcased! We had some new things to share, some great giveaways, and had tons of fun.

Here’s a sample of the visitors at our booth. Many were old friends, but there were some new faces. Are YOU in one of these photos?

(Make sure to check out the video at the bottom!)

Among the products featured was was our total upgrade for Montgomery HR Escalators, including a new microprocessor controller.

Also featured was our new ensemble of escalator upgrades that we call our Engineered Escalator Solutions.

More information is available on the website about the Static Discharge Roller Assembly, the Step Chain Sprocket Evaluation Kit, the Bright Brush, the new Yellow Avert Brush, and the Slimline Power Stop. More information coming soon…

Another exciting introduction is a custom upgrade board that will allow endless customizable options for the KONE Signalization System:

Besides the show, we hosted a Peddle Pub Cruiser Industry Networking Event. Lots of good conversations, good times, and FUN. We’re seriously thinking of doing it again next year at NAEC 2020 in Houston. Interested? Let us know!


Last year at this time we were thrilled to announce that were the 1st Place Winner for Best Supplier – Other in Elevator World’s inaugural Ellies Awards.

This year we’re even more thrilled to announce that we again the 1st Place Winner for Best Supplier – Other in Elevator World’s 2nd Annual Ellies Awards.

We want to thank everyone who voted for us! Once again we’d like to say are honored to be among the ranks of such fine North American elevator and escalator industry businesses who go above and beyond for their customers, employees, communities, and the industry as a whole.


We are excited to have been nominated for Elevator World’s second annual Ellies Award program in the category of “Best Supplier – Other,” and are honored to be among the ranks of such fine North American elevator and escalator industry businesses who go above and beyond for their customers, employees, communities, and the industry as a whole.

Voting ends Saturday, August 31, so if you’d like to vote for us please click or tap the link below, then look for KONE Spares under “Best Supplier – Other.“ You can vote more than once, but only once a day.

Thank you for your support!

NAEC 2019: What’s In Grand Rapids?

While we’re all looking forward to a great convention, seeing old friends, and making new ones … another fun part of going to these events is exploring the surrounding area.

In the past, Grand Rapids was primarily known for being “America’s Furniture Capital.” Some of the best and most popular home and office furniture shipped from this area. But now it is becoming known for something entirely different:


There are so many world class breweries in Grand Rapids that in just a two mile radius around the NAEC Convention there are 13 of them. And for your brew sampling enjoyment we’re going to list them all here:

BreweryYelp RatingWalking Distance from Event
Atwater Grand 3.55 minutes or 0.3 miles
B.O.B.’s Brewery46 minutes or 0.3 miles
Grand Rapids Brewing Co3.58 minutes or 0.4 miles
HopCat Grand Rapids49 minutes or 0.4 miles
New Holland The Knickerbocker3.512 minutes or 0.6 miles
Fountain Hill BreweryNA12 minutes or 0.7 miles
Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery413 minutes or 0.6 miles
Founders Brewing Co.414 minutes or 0.7 miles
City Built Brewing415 minutes or 0.8 miles
Harmony Hall417 minutes or 0.8 miles
The Mitten Brewing Co.4.534 minutes or 1.7 miles
Elk Brewing – Grand Rapids3.535 minutes or 1.6 miles
Creston Brewery437 minutes or 1.8 miles

Of course there is more to Grand Rapids than beer. There are fantastic world-class museums, art galleries, and food. And when it comes to food, we have you covered:

Forty Pearl
40 Pearl St NW #110
(616) 608-7741

Mention NAEC for a complimentary appetizer of either Smoked Whitefish Dip or Truffle Fries.

House of Wine
53 Monroe Center St NW
(616) 443-1758

Show NAEC credentials for 15% off your bill.

Uccello’s Ristorante
122 Monroe Center St NW
(616) 773-1687

Mention KONE Spares and receive a free order of Pizza Puffs with a purchase. (Limit one per guest, purchase required). 

Before you go exploring Grand Rapids, make sure you stop by Booth 515 and and pick up one of our bouncy beer pints so that even if you spill your brew you won’t break your glass.

Hope to see you there! Cheers!

KONE’s Global Youth Camp

Every year, KONE invites employees’ children to apply for a fun summer experience in southern Finland. This year the camp, organized for the 39th time, took place July 28 – August 6.

The experience includes a homestay with a Finnish family in the Helsinki-Hyvinkää area and camping by a lake with excellent recreational facilities. Around 120 teenagers from over 30 different countries travel to Finland to gain this unique experience year after year.

This year the son of our own Charles Banks participated in KONE’s Global Youth Camp.  We caught up with his son, Calvin, to ask him a few questions about his trip.

Q: Why did you choose to participate in KONE’s Global Youth Camp?

A: (Calvin Banks): It seemed like a great opportunity. I got to travel across the ocean, and meet teens from all different backgrounds. 

Q: What was the most interesting part of your trip?

A: All the culture, language, and differences from America. I had a great time with my host family. Plus, we got to sauna every day. I liked to travel around the area and play a game of “spot the differences” with myself. 

All of the signs were in Finnish and the metric system, and since we did a lot of walking rather than driving, I liked to translate the signs to English.

Q: Do you have any advice for future participants of this program?

A: Make as many friends that aren’t from the U.S. as possible and stay in touch. It’s great to have connections if you ever have the opportunity to travel abroad again. Plus it could open-up opportunities that you never knew were there. Make sure to pack the right clothing and remember that you’re representing KONE America.

Q: Did you learn any Finnish for his trip?

A: I learned how to say hello and thank you. Plus I had some Finns teach me to count to ten. Everyone spoke English (some worse than others), so it was cool to hear most of them switch from English to their native language. 

Many thanks to Charlie and Calvin for sharing this experience with us!


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