Easily Replace Standard KSS Buttons with Vandal Resistant Buttons

In the above video, KONE’s Sam Azuela shows us how easy it is to replace the standard KONE KSS elevator buttons with our Vandal Resistant Button Conversion Upgrade Kit.

This fifteen button kit includes five task-specific buttons, ten blank buttons, step by step instructions, and all necessary hardware.

It’s as easy as pulling out the old button, putting in the new one, turning the control panel on, and pushing the button. The new button automatically programs itself.

For more information give us a call!

Also see more product information and more video on our Vandal Resistant Elevator Button Kit webpage.

Congratulations to Angie Boynton!

Angie Boynton

Congratulations to Angie Boynton on her 5 Year Anniversary at KONE Spares!

Angie has proven herself to be a valuable asset for her customers by creating long lasting partnerships and always working to find a solution that works for all parties! 

Internally, Angie motivates her team to keep chasing their goals and encourages them to reach out to her for accountability.  Angie also brings a community engagement spirit to KONE Spares.  A good example of that is her volunteer work with JA (Junior Achievement). 

Congratulations on this 5 year milestone with KONE Spares and thank you for hard work and commitment to your customers. 

2020 UNITED Virtual Convention & Exposition

Register Now! United 2020 Virtual Convention Starts In:

Being that circumstances have made it so we couldn’t meet up with you in the physical world, we can at least connect in “The Matrix.” Make sure to register for this free event, and stop on over at our virtual booth, and say, “Hi!”

Also, we will be hosting a LIVE PRESENTATION with subject matter experts ON HAND to discuss:

  • Enhanced Montgomery HR Escalator Chain
  • Vandal Resistant Elevator Buttons
  • Montgomery HR Series Combplate Impact Device

This will be on Tuesday, September 15th from 11:30A to 12:30P EDT (10:30A to 11:30A CDT / 9:30A to 10:30A PDT) in Networking Lounge 1.

This will be a new experience for all of us, so join the fun!

Congratulations to Holly Nomura on her 5 Year Anniversary at KONE Spares!

Filled with positive vibe, confidence, and honesty we couldn’t have found anyone better than Holly for our team. Her positive attitude towards work inspires everyone here to give their best.

Holly works hard to ensure our customer’s projects and our internal processes are handled with care and efficiency while finding ways to incorporate her creative nature to encourage and motivate the sales team.   

Congratulations on this 5 year milestone with KONE Spares and thank you for hard work and attention to detail!

Safety Week: Day Five

This missing step detector upgrade kit for escalators replaces rollers with proximity sensors for less wear and tear.

The new kit fits most escalators and can be installed with controllers that operate on 24 VAC or 24 VDC.

More reliable, and simpler to service with the new proximity switches.

Interested in the KONE Spares Missing Step Detector System? Click or tap here to learn more:

Safety Week: Day Four

For safety’s sake, let’s make sure escalator passengers can find the stop button in an emergency. In some older units that can be a challenge, so here’s a solution.

Our new power stop and start stations are an excellent safety upgrade for your escalators and auto walks.  By placing the Slimline Power Stop station at the top of the escalator handrail newel, it provides passengers with easier access and greater visibility.

  • Pre-wired for efficient installation
  • Instructions and wiring diagram included
  • Available in stainless and brass
  • Standard applications in stock
  • Custom applications available upon request
  • Our models fit most escalators
  • Solid Craftsmanship

For more information click here:

Safety Week: Day Three

Continuing our week of highlighting safety, today we want to shine our spotlight on our Escalator Comb Plate Impact Fixture Test Kit.

The adjustment of the combplate impact switches on all escalators is important in order to ensure safe and reliable operation of the equipment. This tool has been designed to make the adjustment and calibration process easier, and accurate.

This leads directly to greater safety for the riding public.

For more information, click here: