Combplate Impact Device Upgrade for Montgomery HR Series Escalators

The combplate impact device has been a required safety device per ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators & Escalators since the early 1990’s. KONE Spares has developed combplate impact upgrade kits for all Montgomery HR Series escalators model types manufactured from the 1960’s thru the early 2000’s. 

The combplate impact device is installed at both the upper and lower landings and is required to stop the escalator upon detection of a horizontal force up to 400 pounds force (lbf) in the direction of travel at either side of the combplate and/or 800 pounds force (lbf) at the center of the front edge of the combplate and/or a resultant vertical force up to 150 pounds force (lbf) in the vertical direction at the center of the front of the combplate.


The comb-impact device assembly may be installed on any Montgomery HR Series model type and shall satisfy the requirements outlined in ASME A17.1 – 2016 Section 8.7.6 Alterations code rule, which references the ASME A17.1 – 2016 Section 6.1 code rule

The Montgomery HR Series Combplate Impact upgrade kit includes the following components:

  • New solid steel combplate sections with non-slip aluminum extrusions.
  • Comb-impact device with solid spring and easily adjustable actuator to obtain consistent force settings.
  • New combplate support angles with mounting hardware.
  • New step guides and chain hold downs with mounting hardware.
  • New cast aluminum yellow comb segments with mounting hardware.
  • New end skirts designed to allow for horizontal and vertical displacement.

Contact your KONE Spares sales representative with the original Montgomery CE #, so we may properly identify and quote the Comb-Impact Upgrade kit part numbers for your specific Montgomery HR escalator.