Transit Elevator and Escalator Parts

We carry parts for many of the elevators and escalators used by transit authorities across the entire U.S.A., including (but not limited to)  KONE, Montgomery, O&K, and Westinghouse products.

We are your source of hard-to-find parts:

KONE RTH-DM 4, RT-HD, RTV-HD, E3X-HD, RTV-HD 999SK, RTV-HDM-9999SK, Trans 180, Trans 190, and Transit Master.

Call us! We can help you with:

  • Escalator Rollers
  • Escalator and Elevator Brakes
  • Escalator Guides
  • Escalator Steps
  • Escalator Chain
  • Escalator Segments
  • E-Components
  • Escalator Gear Parts
  • Demarcation Lights

Who To Contact:


Angie Boynton
(309) 743-5212

For All Others

Kelly Oberhardt
(309) 743-5389