Avert Escalator Skirt Brushes

KONE Avert Skirt Deflector Brushes encourage safe escalator use by providing a subtle indicator to passengers riding near the step’s edge, and they fit most escalator makes and models.

yellow escalator safety brush
escalator safety brush
  • Now available in YELLOW!
  • KONE Avert skirt deflector brushes are designed to follow the profile of the skirt panel.
  • Curved brush holder sections are formed to fit the contours of your escalator.
  • Standard black anodized aluminum brush holders look good on all types of skirt panels.
  • Alignment tabs assure proper alignment and smooth seams where brush holder sections meet.
  • Black end caps provide a smooth, attractive contour.
  • KONE Avert has one of the smallest profiles in the industry.
  • The non-metallic brush section is easy to remove for maintenance, cleaning or replacement.
  • KONE Avert skirt deflector brushes are design to accommodate annual performance index tests without brush removal in most cases.