Escalator Step Chain Hydraulic Assembly Kit

Are your teams assembling escalator chain in the field? KONE Spares has a chain assembly kit to simplify the task.

NOTE: A standard hydraulic utility pump (not included) is required to apply this tool.

KONE Spares’ Escalator Step Chain Hydraulic Assembly Kit enables service technicians to efficiently assemble escalator chain sections in the field, using the same assembly method used in the factory.

This kit allows a service technician to efficiently assemble and disassemble both integral wheel and external roller chains without the use of clamps and punches.

Reduce field costs by simplifying the repair teams’ process for installing step/pallet chains by using the most proven efficient method.

Spares provides the Step Chain Assembly Kit in a metal tool box to protect the contents on jobsites. 

Order Part # KM51154380R01


  • Same assembly method used in factory
  • Increases assembly efficiency to lower field costs
  • For both Integral Wheel and External Roller step or pallet chains
  • Packaged in metal box to protect kit pieces