KONE Spares Drive Upgrades

We have what you need to quickly and easily upgrade Montgomery Miprom 21 and V3F16L drives.

Why reuse old, used technology? If you want it to be truly trouble-free for your customer, don’t repair it … upgrade it!

Montgomery Miprom 21 Drive Conversion Advantages:

  • Conversion solution for tired Miprom 21 and Megatech elevator controller equipment
  • Our new drive panel packages are direct replacements for obsolete components
  • Increase ride quality and dependability
  • AC and DC equipment options available
  • Engineered and pre-wired for ease of installation
  • Pre-programmed to piloted default settings
  • Simple drive auto tune facilitates set up
  • Average installation time is 8-12 hours
  • Drive Conversion Kits include step-by-step instructions, parameter lists, updated wiring diagrams, spare parts information and all necessary hardware

KDL16L Elevator Drive Advantages:

  • New OEM Reliable Upgrade solution for Obsolete V3F16L Drive
  • Direct, Physical Replacement for the Obsolete KONE V3F16L
  • Our solution eliminates uncertain reliability of repairing the obsolete V3F16L, which means less downtime for the unit
  • In Stock and available for immediate shipment
  • More Powerful than current drives
  • Encoder vs. tachometer for smoother operation
  • Available for adjacent or remote control room applications
  • Complete replacement kit with all necessary components and instructions makes change-out hassle free