NAEC 2019: What’s In Grand Rapids?

While we’re all looking forward to a great convention, seeing old friends, and making new ones … another fun part of going to these events is exploring the surrounding area.

In the past, Grand Rapids was primarily known for being “America’s Furniture Capital.” Some of the best and most popular home and office furniture shipped from this area. But now it is becoming known for something entirely different:


There are so many world class breweries in Grand Rapids that in just a two mile radius around the NAEC Convention there are 13 of them. And for your brew sampling enjoyment we’re going to list them all here:

BreweryYelp RatingWalking Distance from Event
Atwater Grand 3.55 minutes or 0.3 miles
B.O.B.’s Brewery46 minutes or 0.3 miles
Grand Rapids Brewing Co3.58 minutes or 0.4 miles
HopCat Grand Rapids49 minutes or 0.4 miles
New Holland The Knickerbocker3.512 minutes or 0.6 miles
Fountain Hill BreweryNA12 minutes or 0.7 miles
Jolly Pumpkin Pizzeria & Brewery413 minutes or 0.6 miles
Founders Brewing Co.414 minutes or 0.7 miles
City Built Brewing415 minutes or 0.8 miles
Harmony Hall417 minutes or 0.8 miles
The Mitten Brewing Co.4.534 minutes or 1.7 miles
Elk Brewing – Grand Rapids3.535 minutes or 1.6 miles
Creston Brewery437 minutes or 1.8 miles

Of course there is more to Grand Rapids than beer. There are fantastic world-class museums, art galleries, and food. And when it comes to food, we have you covered:

Forty Pearl
40 Pearl St NW #110
(616) 608-7741

Mention NAEC for a complimentary appetizer of either Smoked Whitefish Dip or Truffle Fries.

House of Wine
53 Monroe Center St NW
(616) 443-1758

Show NAEC credentials for 15% off your bill.

Uccello’s Ristorante
122 Monroe Center St NW
(616) 773-1687

Mention KONE Spares and receive a free order of Pizza Puffs with a purchase. (Limit one per guest, purchase required). 

Before you go exploring Grand Rapids, make sure you stop by Booth 515 and and pick up one of our bouncy beer pints so that even if you spill your brew you won’t break your glass.

Hope to see you there! Cheers!


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Is it time to clean down that escalator?

Yes. It’s time to start scheduling escalator cleandowns.

Escalators, moving walks, and their components should be cleaned periodically to prevent accumulations of dirt, grit, lubricants, and all the candy wrappers, lollipop sticks, bottle caps, and other weird stuff that somehow makes its way into the inner workings of the machine.

Sure, it’s a dirty job, but you know what they say: Someone’s got to do it. The good news is we do what we can to make it quicker and easier.

First of all, remember the barricade. Keep yourself and the public safe. If your current ones are falling apart, which they oft seem to do, give ours a try. They’re going to be some of the best built, sturdiest, and long lasting barricades you can get:

· KONE Spares Maintenance Barrier »

Cleaners, wax, pit pads, rags … we have you covered. These are the basics you can’t do without:

· US63043 Concentrated Cleaner, Case (4 gal) »
· USP23307 Handrail Cleaner, “Q”, Case (12 qt) »
· USP23277 Handrail Wax, Case (12 qt) »
· US514660 Pit Pads to absorb oil, Qty 100 »
· US500000010 Rags, 10lb Bag »

You know what else comes in handy? An Escalator Cleandown Vacuum:

· KM50030715H01 Portable Handheld Vacuum »

How about a specially designed oiler to make lubrication fast and easy? We have you covered there, too:

· US521157 OIL-EE Chain Oiler »

We’ve had great feedback from the field on the OIL-EE. It allows oiling of step chains from outside the escalator pit – saving time and messy clean-up. Features include:

· Heavy duty 2 gallon polyethylene sprayer
· 45″ long heavy duty brass wand with replaceable oil brush
· Heavy duty trigger handle with lock
· Oil flow regulator valve
· 56″ heavy duty fuel line hose
· Retractable, sealed PVC brush cover with cap to limit oil dripping after use

Remember, scheduled escalator clean downs will, in the long run, save time and money, and also give an opportunity to discover problems that can be addressed before they become safety issues — or an even bigger problem.

MAC Maintenance Parts Kit

Our parts photographer, Brian, brought this to our attention. He thought it would be really handy for anyone working on MAC door equipment, and suggested we focus some attention on it.

We told him, “Brian! That’s a great idea. This kit is very much underutilized.” And so here it is:  MAC Parts Kit, Part Number US521099

If you’re working on MAC equipment, you’ll no doubt find this parts kit indispensable!