NanoSeptic® Self-Cleaning Elevator Cab Components

NanoSeptic self-cleaning surfaces work using mineral nanocrystal which harness the power of visible light to create a powerful oxidation reaction which continuously breaks down all organic contaminants.

If germs were balloons, NanoSeptic surfaces are like a bed of sharp needles. It’s a very hostile environment to tiny creatures that we don’t want hanging around, and it does it without toxins, chemicals, heavy metals, or diluted poisons.

  • Elevator button covers
  • Surface wraps for handles and rails
  • Optically clear covers for touch screens

NanoSeptic products attach via removable adhesive to high-touch areas. To install you just peel and stick, and they last three months. When it’s time to replace them, just peel them off and stick a new one on.

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NanoTouch® products are patent pending. NanoTouch® and NanoSeptic® are registered trademarks of NanoTouch Materials, LLC. i Made in USA