1. truss, Supports an escalator.

2. roping, Something also done to a calf in a rodeo.

3. parking, A term for putting an elevator (or an automobile) in a specific place.

4. hollywood, A place that gets just about everything to do with an elevator wrong.

5. maximum jerk, A term for abruptly changed forces which sounds like a major insult.

7. lateral quaking, When an elevator does the shimmy.

9. balustrade, The side of an escalator.

12. newel, Extensions of the balustrade at each end of the escalator.

13. skirting, Decorative and protective element at the bottom of the car wall.


1. triplex, Three elevators in a group.

6. alarm bell, Used to call attention and assistance.

8. nudging, Often activated if the door remains open longer than a predetermined time.

10. safety, The most important part of our job.

11. riser, The upright part of a step.

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