KONE Spares Safety Week 2021

It’s funny when you’re on a long streak of good fortune. The last thing you want to do is “jinx it.” It’s usually with this feeling of uneasiness that we ever bring up the long, wonderful streak that is our warehouse safety record.

Like our sign on the warehouse wall says, though: “Accidents are avoidable.” We live by that. It’s truly “Safety First” here and has been for over 14 years straight.

Safety isn’t hard work. It’s practice. It’s dedication. It’s mindfulness.

Safety is knowing that everyone around you also supports it. No one is ever put into a situation where they feel they need to do something unsafe just to get a job done. Every single person is empowered to stop all work the moment an unsafe situation is discovered or arises; to report it; to help correct it if appropriate — no matter how trivial.

Safety is ongoing education and reinforcement that the most important aspect of working at KONE Spares is to arrive home after work as healthy and intact as you were before coming in to work.

We depend upon and trust each other to create and maintain an environment that promotes safety. This isn’t just for us here at KONE Spares, but throughout the entire industry as well.

That’s what “Safety Week” means to us. A reminder and a celebration of a mindset that keeps us heathy both at work, and at home.

May you be safe and healthy not just this week, but every day, every week, every year.