Have You Met Paige Anderson?

Name: Paige Anderson

Title/Role: Buyer Purchasing 

How long have you been with KONE Spares? 23 years with KONE, and 2 with Montgomery Elevators

What is the first place you are going to go that you are unable to go right now? To go visit my 99-1/2 year Great Aunt

What is the funniest thing that has happened during a virtual meeting or call? Thought I was muted — and i wasn’t — and told my family to shut up because I was in a meeting.

What is one positive that you didn’t expect from quarantine? I thought it would be difficult to work from home but it is amazing how everyone works as a team, and was able to work just fine with current technology and my cell phone. 

Tell me something about yourself that is not common knowledge or that someone would never guess! I really wanted to be chef and not major in computers in college.  I love to cook new things.

What is something you want the industry to know about you? Elevator life is a lot of ups and downs and people pushing your buttons, but at least KONE Spares will try and get you that right button so people can go up and down. 

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