KONE Spares USA is your Field Friendly source of genuine OEM escalator and elevator parts for KONE, Montgomery, O&K, Armor, and MAC.




We’re extremely proud of our warehouse crew in Moline, Illinois for operating for over 15 continuous years without a single lost-time accident!


Enjoy and learn with KONE’s own Safety Ambassadors for Kids!

Games and videos for the kids to teach safety for escalators and elevators — and it’s fun, too!


Thank you KONE Spares parts department for the great customer service! Your knowledgeable staff, user friendly website and quick response to my requests have exceed my expectations every time.

Liz Estes, MEI Total Elevator Solutions

“I would say that the surveying, quoting, and overall experience has been phenomenal. KONE Spares and its team has been the most helpful during and after normal business hours and even during vacations (Mario) which is unseen in the elevator industry. The surveying process is easier now with the online form and the ordering is simple as well by using the Montgomery CTS numbers. As for the installation, I am hugely surprised how simple the installations has been.”

“Any drive upgrade should take no more than 3 to 4 hours at best if all goes well but no more than 8 hours giving the elevator owner a running elevator the same day.”

Chris Rivera, Service Manager Orlando, Oracle Elevator

“In 2014 we were looking into upgrading our Kone Miprom 21 elevators. I contacted Kone Spares and ask about the new DC drives that were available. I was put in contact with Mario Jones an engineer with Kone Spares who explained the benefits of installing the new DC drives. My concern was the installation of each drive, how many man hours it would take to install per elevator and if detailed instructions was provided with the purchase of the new drives.

“Mario assured me the drives would come with detailed instructions and the time to install would decrease after the first drive was installed.  We have 26 Kone Miprom 21 elevators at our installation and we decided to purchase 3 new drives and see how they would work. The drives were installed and working great, the instructions were detailed and the drives were easy to install. The time frame to install was cut in half after the first install. Since, we have purchased the other 23 drives and are happy with the product.

“Thank you KONE Spares, and a special thanks to Kelly Oberhardt and Mario Jones for all your support during the purchasing and installation of the DC drives.”

Donnie Bearden, Utility Supervisor, Wolf Creek Federal Services

“KONE Spares provided us step replacements for six escalators at one of our high-profile office buildings in Burbank, California.  Their service, responsiveness and pricing were excellent.  The KONE Spares team took a genuine interest in our project from start to finish and followed-up regularly to make sure everything was going smoothly.  I look forward to working with them again in the future and highly recommend their products and service.”

Leo Divinsky, Asset Manager, Worthe Real Estate Group

“I can honestly say that in my 16 years … you and your staff are the top of my list of favorites!  You are always so pleasant and everyone seems so knowledgeable!”

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