We are experiencing significant delays in shipments that have gone out via FedEx.

FedEx’s main hub in Memphis is still suffering from being hit by a massive ice storm that caused it to be shut down for three entire days. Despite it being shut down, packages from all over the USA were still being picked up and sent there. At this time, 64 package-filled tractor trailers have yet to be processed, on top of the constant stream of more which are arriving.

Current estimates project that this massive backlog won’t be processed until March 1st or 2nd, though this estimate may change.

At this time, only vaccines and major medical shipments (things like human organ transplants) are being given priority.

KONE Spares has taken steps to help alleviate this problem. At this point, shipping FedEx ground is getting orders to customers faster than shipping FedEx overnight, as “overnight” orders are taking 3-4 days to arrive, and FedEx Ground orders do not have to pass through this major Memphis hub. While FedEx is doing the best they can with recovery efforts, we recommend this shipping method from now through next week.

Please feel free to contact us with any concerns, tracking and tracing requests, or to get set up for shipment notifications.

Thank you so much for your understanding during this difficult time.


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