Happy Holidays from Jessica!

2019, where did you go?! Like any other year the days seem long but the year oh so short!

2019 was no exception but what an exciting year it has been. We started the year in the Midwest with our first ever Polar Vortex- I blame the extreme cold temperatures for all the extra motivation to travel this year and years to come. If you know me at all, you know my love for travel and my need to always have something booked to look forward to. I hit many of my favorite places this year for work and for fun, plus I traveled more than I thought was possible with a toddler in tow! A couple of my favorite travel moments for the year were taking a multi-family trip to Florida where my son saw the ocean for the first time and I got to cross off a bucket list item by parasailing.  I also went to CMA Fest in Nashville this year which was amazing for my country music loving soul! 

Up, up, and away!

My daughter Kaelin started Junior High this year and I think her favorite milestone of the year is officially being the same height as her mom and we wear the same size shoes. Looks like I’ll end up being the shortest in my family! Our nights and weekends are kept busy with her sports including soccer, volleyball, basketball and this year she really found her love for running where she excelled in cross country.

My son Kai just turned 2 in October and is currently obsessed with the 3-T’s: tractor’s, train’s and trucks! He is very busy and 100% all boy so he keeps all of us on our toes! His milestones of the year include trick or treating in the snow, starting 2 year old pre-school where he is learning all sorts of fun new skills like sharing with our friends and the adventure of potty training has begun.

Reflecting on the year is always a fun way to take inventory on the blessings in life! I am beyond thankful for the blessings this year has brought to me from the experiences and people. With that being said, special shout out to all of my customers for making 2019 the best year yet! I appreciate working with you on a daily basis, you all keep my work days busy and entertaining to say the least.  I enjoy having met some of you whether it be at a CEA meeting, customer visit, ECNY showcase or the NAEC Convention. I hope your year was filled with many heartwarming events as well and I look forward to what next year has in store!

Jessica Gross