The “It’s Jerry’s Newsletter” Newsletter

This year went by so fast that it left my head spinning. Or maybe my head is spinning from all that beer I drank at NAEC 2019 in Grand Rapids. Come to think of it, it’s probably both.

Because the year zoomed past so quickly, I am having problems remembering what even happened. I literally have to go look at the pictures on my phone as a reminder. And when I do, my reaction is usually “What? That happened this year?”

Let’s see … I took pictures of bald eagles. I bought a bunch of tools for my basement workshop. I got a new dog. I bought a new car. I took a lot of pictures of the local Davenport area floods. I made a lamp out of a tequila bottle. I had both my legs operated on because of some blood flow problems (I’d actually rather have not remembered that one.)

I rediscovered my love of bourbon. Yum!

I went on a road trip with my girlfriend with no destination, and we just wandered around from town to town taking pictures. That was fun. We took a lot of wildlife photos.

I went to NAEC with the sales team. That was also fun!

Other than that, I just kept busy making sure this website is working, and helped support the KONE Spares sales team in their efforts to give you the best service possible.

Here’s hoping you had a much more eventful and exciting (in a good way) year than I did. Happy holidays to you and I hope you have an amazing 2020!

Jerry Davis, Digital Marketing Manager