Have You Met Meghan Ludin?

Name: Meghan Ludin

Title/Role: Spares Team Lead, External Sales

How long have you been with KONE Spares? Five and a half years

Contact Information:

What is the first place you are going to go that you are unable to go right now? Day one of freedom, I am going to take my kids to play at our favorite local park playground! It has been hard to see the caution tape covering up all that fun for the past few months.

What is the funniest thing that has happened during a virtual meeting or call? With kids in the house, there are always funny things that happen. My favorite was probably when my four year old daughter decided the perfect time to perfect her werewolf howl was when I was on a call.

What is one positive that you didn’t expect from quarantine? A new love of bicycling AND working out in our yard (even though I am still plant killer, extraordinaire!). It has also been so great to slow down a bit and get some great family time in!

Tell me something about yourself that is not common knowledge or that someone would never guess! I love cookbooks! I find a new favorite and work to cook and bake my way through the whole thing and, generally, don’t like making the same recipes more than once!

What is something you want the industry to know about you? I truly love what I do. Over the years, so many customers have become friends. It is great to learn from each other and connect in a way that is very unique to our industry. I take a lot of pride in being a trusted resource for our customers and love watching them succeed!

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