Have you met Jessica Gross?

Name: Jessica Gross

Title: Senior Sales Representative

How long have you been with KONE Spares? 5½ years

What is the first place you are going to go when able that you are unable to now? Vacation… once given the green light I want to go to ALL of the places! We’ve postponed 3 trips at this point and are really looking forward to traveling again once it is safe to do so.

What is the funniest thing that has happened during a virtual meeting or call?  My son roared like a dinosaur during an entire call. Apparently working at Jurassic Park is my new normal.

What is one positive that you didn’t expect from quarantine?  The additional connections being made personally and at work. People have been more open to taking the time to talk and find ways to virtually connect. I’ve appreciated getting to know customers better and finding unique ways to use technology to stay connected.

Tell me something about yourself that is not common knowledge or that someone would never guess! I lived in Germany for a year when I was 4. My mom was born and raised in Germany so we went often. Now as an adult I do not get to go as often as I would like but my daughter has had a chance to go twice and this year was to be my sons first trip, looking forward to hopefully be able to take them again in 2021!

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