Have you met Becky Cousins?

Name: Rebecca (Becky) Cousins

Title:  Administrative Associate Spares

How long have you been with KONE Spares? 15 years

What is the first place you are going to go that you are unable to go right now?  New Mexico to visit my nephew (had to postpone too long now).

What is the funniest thing that has happened during a virtual meeting or call?  I hung up on my boss – wasn’t intentional, I assure you.

What is one positive that you didn’t expect from quarantine? Operating this tiny little laptop!

Tell me something about yourself that is not common knowledge or that someone would never guess! My best friend & I won blue ribbons at the Iowa State Fair for demonstrating how to refinish wood from an old table & making it into a beautiful box shelf.

What is something you want the industry to know about you?  I’m very good at handling problem phone calls.

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