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The History of our “Green Machine”

Originally called the “GreenStar,” the idea of the KONE EcoDisc™ occurred in the early 1990s when Harri Hakala, an engineer working for KONE, had the idea of elevators with a motorized traction system instead of linear motors while he was jogging.

The development of KONE EcoDisc technology began in the early 1990s when KONE set out to create a more efficient and environmentally-friendly elevator system. The goal was to reduce energy consumption, improve reliability, and increase the usable space within buildings.

The first EcoDisc elevator was launched in 1996, and it quickly gained popularity among architects and building owners who were looking for a sustainable and space-saving solution for their buildings. The EcoDisc system was designed to use less energy than traditional elevator systems, thanks to its innovative gearless motor and regenerative drive technology. These features helped to significantly reduce energy consumption compared to conventional elevator systems.

The EcoDisc drive system also takes up less space than traditional elevator systems, which means more space is available for use by building occupants. Additionally, the system produces less noise and vibration, making it a more comfortable and pleasant experience for elevator users.

Over the years, KONE has continued to improve and refine the EcoDisc technology, introducing new features and capabilities to further enhance its performance and energy efficiency. Today, the EcoDisc is used in many buildings around the world, including some of the tallest and most iconic structures ever built.